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The Future Of Immersive Experiences

Reimagining the way people engage with cities through virtual reality and emerging technologies.

Eyexpo Technology Corp.

We are a Vancouver based Virtual Reality company committed to creating immersive and memorable experiences which enable brands and individuals to connect with their audiences in new and unique ways.

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VR Creation Tools
Automated and simplified VR creation process powered by a set of advanced Web applications.
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360 Content Production
Immersive and interactive 360˚ virtual content professionally designed with rich features tailored to any project.
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The Sharing Platform
Eengage the community and experience the world through our VR content sharing platform.
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Online Shopping
An exciting revolution implemented to online shopping with VR technology will appeal to your potential customer.
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Virtual Experience is Our Passion

Keep Informed

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Virtual Reality (VR) Global Partnership Program

Our technology creates and enhances immersive experiences. Consider partnering with Eyexpo to increase user engagement and drive additional revenues.

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Our Partners

We’re fiercely proud of our work, but even prouder of the success of our clients. Great results are powered by their goal to engage customers with immersive experiences.