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The core management team.

The core management team united as the company's development of sincere cooperation and dedication.

Craig Robson


Mr. Robson has over 40 years of experience in the Canadian public market, including securities markets, listed company management, equity planning and corporate governance, and risk management. In 1980, he became a Senior Fellow and Investigator of the BC Securities Oversight Board. At the end of 1993, Mr. Robson joined C. M. Oliver International as a Director and Senior Vice President for Compliance and Risk Management. Mr. Robson has served as a consultant, chairman and chief executive officer for a number of private and publicly traded companies.

Haiqing Xue

Group Vice President,CTO

20 years of management experience in the software Internet industry and overseas business experience. In 1999, he co-founded a Canadian software Internet company and successfully listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, Canada, after a number of industry awards, and led the Chinese branch topped Forbes China list; completed in 2015 China branch and the world's largest Of the supply chain group mergers and acquisitions.

Micheal zhu

Group Vice President, CFO

Canadian chartered accountant, and the United States Delaware certified public accountant. 1993 to 1998, engaged in securities investment and analysis work. From 2002 to 2012, he worked for Ernst & Young and several other well-known accounting firms in Canada as Audit Manager and Senior Assets Appraiser. From the beginning of 2012, he will provide financial and financial services to listed and unlisted companies.

Angela Pan

Chief Administrative Officer

Graduated from SFU Arts and Social Sciences. With extensive experience in team management and handing corporate organizational structure, corporate affairs and staff relations. She is responsible for the administrative center of the administrative work of the Eyexpo.

Ada Yang

Marketing Director

More than 10 years of local marketing education in Canada and IT-related work experience in Canada's major economic city's business culture have a deep understanding of IBM has dozens of Microsoft operating system products distributor storage, Meetings, and products to solve various problems.

Aaron Zuo

Technology Research Institute, Dean

Graduated from Canada Simon Fraser University in School of interactive art + Technology major. Concentrating on media art and interactive design with years of passion and experience in VR field. Having years of media and graphic publishing working experiences in Canada. Currently working on VR/AR technology research and model section in Eyexpo Technology.

Jay Wang

Interactive Research Institute, Dean

Senior software engineer. 5+ years of working experience in the overseas software companies. 2008, worked for Autodesk. From 2011 to 2014, he received full scholarship and started his MSc study at the Queen's University Human Media Lab. During his MSc, he designed and implemented the interaction system of the world's first paper tablet. After graduation, he worked as a software engineer at Microsoft, focusing on Skype's next-generation cloud based features. His current research explores the ways people interact with VR on mobile platform.

Donn Lin

Creative Research Institute, Dean

Graduated from Simon Fraser University's interactive arts and technology program. Donn worked at Bell Media where he designed and built websites for internal communications, mastering Company brand. He also worked with startup design agency Studio 3020 , helping to create the company's visual identity. Donn's skills in graphic design and UI have become an integral part of the Eyexpo's brand. His creations are exhilarating and fresh, and demonstrate a real talent for radical experimentation.

Alex Wang

Big Data Institute, Dean

Post-degree Data analysis certificate, proficient in SAS, R and other data analysis tools, has participated in four major sports events in North America and the theater box office of the large data mining. Now he is responsible for leading data collection, analysis of Eyexpo.

Unlimited values for our founding customers.

The most important idea in the cultural strategy of EYEXPO is “A drop of water shall be returned with a burst of spring.” Customers at the beginning of our group, called our founding customers, are the most valuable wealth of EYEXPO. It was their trust that helped us grow to this day. Our gratitude to our founding customers is not only oral or written commitment; we are endeavoring to realize it.

For example, our founding customer CICTAN Health Group Corp. invested $7,000 for a booth. As they are one of our founding customers, we repaid them with the most practical action. We offered them a position in the front page of our global dietary supplement exhibition and online shopping platform, which means overnight they became world’s top 10, and the position would be retained for them for 2 years. More importantly, the ownership of this position belongs to the founding customer, so they can auction if off or reserve it for their own use. This position, which was worth over a million Canadian dollars, would reduce EYEXPO’s revenue by $50 million. However, after long discussion in our top managers, we finally decided to create value for our customers at any cost. This is our value system.

Our founding customers are of great significance to us. Like a seed eager for a drop of water to sprout, it cannot sprout without that drop of water, let alone the giant tree and the forest. More importantly, EYEXPO will collect, organize and systematically analyze data about the preference, motivation, feedback and support of founding customers, and get prepared for online promotion and adjusting profit DNA module, and remove the barriers for large-scale basic module of DNA sales.

EYEXPO CCP value chain, or Culture-Customer-Product value chain, is a unique cultural strategy different from other companies. Different from the traditional value chain in which products precede customers and culture, CCP value chain is just the opposite. As early as the inception of our group, when there were no products available, our group founder used our cultural ideas to persuade these founding customers without indicating their future value. Ranging from $800 to $80,000, every order symbolizes the trust in and the recognition of EXEXPO corporate culture. In the next step, EXEXPO will create value chain for 100 platinum customers, followed by value chain for the first 10,000 customers. All these customers, as the founding customers of our group, will receive distinguished treatment.

Customers are our greatest values, and our founding customers, who recognize our values, are the most important wealth. If “good faith” is a basic principle of the commercial jungle, what EXEXPO is going to do will far exceed this principle, which is, to create unlimited value for these founding customers. Here, EXEXPO will extend our gratitude to all our founding customers.

Our founding customers include but are not limited to the following companies:

Our initial customers include but are not limited to the following companies:


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